Jamie St. JAMES

Let's start with questions concerning Warrant.
Were you a Warrant fan before joining the band?

Yes, I sang backing vocals on their demo in the early days before Jani was in the band.

Isn't it to difficult to stand in the shoes of Jani Lane?
Yes, Jani is a damn good singer .This has been the biggest challenge of my life. It is very hard to sing those songs night after night. But then again, I do kick ass…...it has made me a better singer. So much fun with these guys, I am having a blast.

What were the reactions of the fans when they saw you on the stage?
It’s always been great. A lot of Black’n Blue fans show up. My job is to win the crowd over, and I do. It’s fun.

The new Warrant album is announced since the beginning of 2005. When will it be released?
It will be out in early 2006 in Europe.

Warrant said that the next album will be a return to the inspiration of the 2 first albums, then after you said that it would have a modern feeling. What's exactly to expect?
I never said modern. That was a P.R. person. This is old school rock all the way. 80’s style. If you don’t like ass kickin’ rock then run………..

Will this new album be distributed outside the US? Like in Europe for example?
I think on the MTM label in Europe

Is Joey Allen a full member of the band now?
Yes, and he shreds .Great guitarist.

Can we expect a live album or DVD of Warrant?
We are working on a DVD now to go with the CD

It looks now that your main project is Warrant and not Black N Blue, could you confirm this feeling?
I am the singer for Warrant. BNB is in my soul. I will finish the BNB record.

Let's talk about Black N Blue now.
Will the album 'Hell Yeah', which is announced since quite a lot of time, be released on day (laughs)?

I think it will be out in 2006. It’s fucking great. The delay is due to personal problems with one of the members.

Why did the band split while there has been no change of line-up?
We got dropped by Geffen and Tommy quit. I would have never left but to go on without Tommy was not going to happen for me at the time.

Where does the name 'Black N Blue' come from?
Tommy came up with the name………….you’ll have to ask him.

What is for you the best Black N Blue album, except the last one of course (laughs)?
Without Love is my favorite. That album should have been huge. Great songs, and to work with Bob Rock was great. I love that record. It cost a lot of money.

What do you think of Tommy Thayer joining Kiss?
It’s great. He does the job very well. Tommy is one of my best friends so I back him on anything he does. I know Ace and for some reason he just doesn’t like being in Kiss anymore.

At the beginning, Black N Blue was rather heavy, when you were located in Portland (after Movie Star), with songs like 'Violent Kid', 'Wicked Bitch', ... What made you change direction on the album 'Without Love'. Was it just a changing of production or a real wish of the members of the band to change style?
We wrote songs without thinking too much. I mean we didn’t give a shit what anybody thought. This might be why we never went huge. I don’t know. I wrote that riff for Violent Kid, but I also wrote the chorus for Miss Mystery, so it all comes from the same place in the end. I always wanted to be like Cheap Trick….just good tunes.

How could you explain that Black N Blue never had a huge success despite some pretty good albums?
I can’t

Could we expect to see some live footage one day?
I’m working on it……………

Is it true that during the time of your one and only demo, you were helped by Don Dokken?
Yes, him and Michael Wagener.I think Don was pissed that we got signed before him.

Why did you change the original title 'Rock n Roll Animals' into 'Rockin' On Heaven's Door'?
I think Bruce Fairbairn ,our producer wanted me to change it.

Let's talk now of your career apart Warrant and Black N Blue.
Did your solo album receive a good response?

No, It sounds bad, but there are some good songs.

And what about the one with Freight Train Jane?
I don’t think it sold much. I do love the song “NO MORE” Great song. Also AMERICAN FAME.

Eventually, here are some miscellaneous questions.
Are you nostalgic from the 80's scene?

I am all about the 80s. I am a dinosaur without the tail.

If you could travel through a time machine, what are the things you would change from the 80's?
I would change that hair thing on Mike Scores head from Flock of Sea Gulls. Just kidding. I love the 80’s . It was a blast my friends.

Many bands form the 80's a reforming. What is your opinion on that?
Great. I’m all for it. Good music.

What do you think of the music nowadays, and what current bands are you listening to?
I like the new Green Day but so does everyone else. I listen to old stuff. Bowie, Queen, that kind of stuff.

Why did you decide to make a career into hard rock music?
It chose me. I’ve wanted to play music since I was 5 years old I’m sure it will be the death of me……………………………….

What are your big influences as a singer?
Beatles and Robin Zander

Do you know France? Do you think that our position against the war in Irak created tensions between French and Americans?
I was in Paris in 1984 trying to teach girls how to say Black n Blue at a Scorpions concert. I would love to come back next year. I’ve never played in France but I would love to. To answer your question………whatever happens in the Middle East we (USA) will be the ones who do the dirty work. Don’t forget what the terrorists did to us on Sept 11th. I am a very proud American. I do think it’s time to start getting our kids back home. That’s all I want to say .Oh, and thanks for the Statue.

One last word, what would you say to the French fans of Warrant and Black N Blue?
I hope to visit your beautiful country soon. I think this will happen with WARRANT. If you like 80’s rock then you will love this new CD “BORN AGAIN” thanks everyone .Viva La France …………………..bye bye